How We Work

Supported by offices in Jerusalem and London , Quartet Representative Tony Blair works to facilitate economic growth and Palestinian institutional development, leading to improvements on the ground and in people’s lives which will support the peace process. Improved social and economic conditions should promote increased confidence and trust, making the prospects of a lasting and credible peace agreement more likely.

Our guiding principle is that political negotiations can only fully succeed if there is broad support on both the Israeli and the Palestinian side and if the parties perceive that a peace agreement is possible. The OQR works with the Palestinian Authority, Government of Israel and the international community, to promote this principle.

Tony Blair’s work is also guided by the Quartet’s mandate to him, as well as sustained and intensive consultation with the Palestinian Authority, the Government of Israel, the international community and civil society, as well as and in-depth analysis of various key areas of work. All this informs four key objectives:

• Enhancing Palestinian economic and social development;

• Lifting obstacles and restrictions to access and movement;

• Developing for Palestinian use land designated under the Oslo Accords as “Area C”, which makes up 60% of the West Bank, on a case by case basis; and

• Contributing to enhancing the Palestinian Authority’s security capability and performance.

To learn more about the issues dealt with by the Quartet Representative, visit our key issues page